The most sustainable clothes are the clothes in your wardrobe. ECOLOOKBOOK helps you to make your next best choice, choosing ethically made and sustainable labels.

ECOLOOKBOOK is a platform for sharing ethical and sustainable fashion and beauty brands from all around the world.

Founded in January 2019 by two Dubai expat eco-warriors, Samantha Dumas and Isabelle Wessollek, with the mission to prove that fair fashion can be exciting and cool with all the benefits of fast fashion but without the damage to our planet, its people and animals.

ECOLOOKBOOK features sustainable and ethical fashion labels, beauty, influencers, where to shop sustainable, and everything in between. Our lookbook offers the latest looks and trends for conscious readers, from people who are just starting their good fashion journey to those who haven’t even thought about sustainable fashion YET.

Our message is simple, sustainable fashion & lifestyle is the new way to go without having to compromise on style while saving the planet.

Meet the Founders


ECOLOOKBOOK Sustainable Ethical Fashion Platform Samantha Dumas Founder of Good Fashion Guide

Samantha is co-founder of ECOLOOKBOOK, your good fashion guide.

A mother of three, she is passionate about protecting the planet for future generations and empowering women. And she loves fashion.

Her journey to ethical and sustainable fashion started a few years ago with a New Year's resolution to buy no new clothes for a year. She thought the resolution would last two minutes. That one year turned into two years, a much smaller wardrobe and a change in mindset. ECOLOOKBOOK was born...



Isabelle is a co-founder of ECOLOOKBOOK, who is passionate about changing women's fashion consumption for the better. What started out as a project to achieve this, ECOLOOKBOOK has become not only a business idea, but a voice for influencing change in positive way.

As a mother of 3, she particularly hopes to contribute to fight against child labour in the fashion industry.

As an animal lover it is also very important to Isabelle that we change the way we think about animals and respect them.

In the past, Isabelle always had a closet full of clothes and wore the same five outfits. Today her closet is only half as full, but she still wears the same five looks...preferably a white t-shirt and loose jeans or linen pants. However, that doesn't stop her from finding the most beautiful and exciting sustainable outfits and fashion labels for you every day.