Montréal | Solios is the first certified B Corp watch company that manufactures fine solar watches designed in Montréal and manufactured in Hong Kong, with Japanese solar quartz movements. The watch brand has been founded only in 2018 by two young students, Samuel and Alexander, and is already distributed all over the world. SOLIOS watches are elegant, affordable, sustainable, vegan and ecological. The watches are also rechargeable which means no more dead batteries! All it takes is two hours of natural light or a few hours of artificial light to charge to watch for a full six months of autonomy. In addition, SOLIOS has created this new green dial watch in collaboration with the Rainforest Trust that aims to protect and restore the planet lungs, the rainforest and its species. The Rainforest Trust reinvests 100% of donations to restore an acre of rainforest every 16 seconds across the world.

SOLIOS sustainable watch ECOLOOKBOOK
SOLIOS sustainable watch ECOLOOKBOOK
SOLIOS sustainable watch ECOLOOKBOOK



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