Eco Influencers who want to change our fashion world

2. Februar 2021 | by ECOLOOKBOOK
Titel image: Bina Noehr

Here at ECOLOOKBOOK you can get an overview of eco influencers or important personalities who want to change the world with fair and sustainable fashion. They used online social platforms to advocate for a better fashion industry. Whether it's sustainability, fair fashion or vegan lifestyle, all topics are covered and thought-provoking. Click through the profiles and get inspired.




Kiko is an Instagram influencer and model living in Paris who specialises in sustainable and vegan fashion. Her goal is to raise awareness for ethical living and encourage others to love themselves. Kiko is also a plant-based health coach, so expect some healthy eating and nutrition tips too! [4]

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Charlotte Weise

ECo influencer berlin Charlotte weisse


The fun-loving influencer campaigns for a green world and appeals for self-love. Charlotte deals with topics such as fair fashion and sustainability, but veganism also plays a big role in her life. With self-confident dance videos, she exudes lightness and happiness that are infectious. She is also active on Youtube and her own blog and gives tips for a conscious life. Whether it's natural cosmetics, relationship tips or zero waste - Charlotte knows the ropes and inspires a lot of people with it.[1]

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Marie Nasemann


Eco lookbook berlin marie nasemann fairknallt eco lookbook

Marie Nasemann is an actress, model and mum with a great passion for sustainable and fair fashion and a conscious lifestyle. On her blog Fairknallt, everything revolves around natural cosmetics, fair fashion and sustainable lifestyle. With a lot of love, she shows you how to take many small steps in the right direction and they can make a big difference.

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Mia Marjanović


heylilhey eco lookbook Berlin influencer good fashion guide sustainable fashion

The blogger, Mia Marjanović, describes herself as an ethical fashion activist and is involved with vegan food and sustainability in many areas. Mia's blog is mainly about #ethicalfashion, #homedecor, #sustainability, travel (not now during a pandemic, of course) and lifestyle snippets from her life. She also often comments on topics such as anti-Semitism, racism, conspiracy myths, feminism and capitalism.

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Bina Noehr

Stryle tz Eco Lookbook sustainable fashion Blogger Germany good fashion guide

Bina motivates: Be the change. She deals with ethical fashion, yoga, vegan lifestyle and natural beauty. Through her blog, we know that wonderful, modern fashion is also available in fair and sustainable styles. On her Instagram account, the mum of two shows which pieces she bought where and talks about her vegan diet, yoga and parenting. Everything is absolutely authentic and honest! [2]

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Lisa-Marie Rola

Sustainable fashion influencer Maridalor Berlin Germany Eco Lookbook good fashion guide

The blogger advocates slow fashion and a vegan lifestyle. Her message is: less is more! Since 2010, Marie has been regularly posting content on the following topics: slow fashion, green fashion, vegan beauty and food. On her blog she also shows delicious recipes and simply wants to spread passion for sustainability. Her many years of vegan lifestyle and over a decade of professional experience in the fashion industry contribute to this. As a mother of two, I am also passionate about making the world a better place.

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Influencer berlin golden gage vintage

Blogger Koko loves discovering new old finds. As an expert and stylist for vintage fashion, she gives tips for modern styling of vintage pieces on her blog. You can shop carefully selected vintage treasures on her Etsy page.

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Nele Melchert


Nele Melchert Sustainable fashin Blogger Berlin Eco Lookbook

If you want to know how you can dress fairly and sustainably even as a young student or how to go through life, then follow Nele Melchert. The fashion design student from Berlin is concerned with sustainability in fashion and minimalism, eats a vegan diet and practices yoga.

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Justine keot calm and sustainable fashion and food blogger influencer Berlin Germany good fashion guide Eco Lookbook

The Sinnfluencer from Vienna motivates: Stop scrolling - start acting! Her topics include fair fashion, veganism and health. On Justine's blog you will find numerous great, informative and knowledge-rich posts on the topics of climate change, vegan fashion, fair fashion, sustainability, delicious vegan, healthy recipes & personal development. Her personal mission is to show that an eco-lifestyle is anything but boring, healthy food has nothing to do with renunciation! And she is sooo right! She is also co-founder of the Eco-Fashion Brand TOO COOL FOR CRUEL ! [3]

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Livia Firth

Livia Firth is one of the most important and committed advocates of change in the fashion industry. Born in Italy, she rose to fame as the producer of the 2015 documentary "The True Cost" and is also the founder of Eco Age, a UK-based sustainability and communications agency. She is also the co-founder of the Green Carpet Challenge, which encourages celebrities to wear sustainable and fair clothing at public events. Since 2015, Livia Firth has been committed to educating the world about the negative impact of the fast fashion industry, bringing fashion designers and big brands together to implement change.

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Founder of the fair fashion and green lifestyle blog GREEN LOOKS GREAT. She shares posts about her passion for eco-fashion, green living, vegan nutrition and sustainability facts.

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