The 10 Best Sustainable Luxury Fashion Brands for 2021

8. June 2021 | by Maxime Ducker - Founder and Chief Editor, Our Good Brands

Sustainable fashion is becoming more important every year and, above all, is finally being taken more seriously, because one thing is clear: sustainability must become mainstream. For a long time now, sustainability has not only been associated with the image of ecos who stereotypically walk around in hippie clothes and batik shirts. Of course, this is also clear to luxury brands, which is why more and more labels are 'integrating' sustainability into their production. But the implementation does not only include the production chain behind closed doors, but also how authentically and transparently the brands deal with it and thus contribute to the enlightenment of these issues.

This guide by RARE & FARE features everything you need to know about sustainable luxury fashion today, as well as the low-down on the latest luxury lines to embrace ethical fashion and the new eco-luxe labels who have seized sustainability from the start.

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