Top 5 most classy ethical clothing ideas for summer 2021

10. June 2021 | by Kaitlin Miller for

Global environmental concerns are encouraging more people to embrace ethical or slow fashion. Changing fashion trends every few weeks require us to constantly update our wardrobes, so ethical fashion causes our wardrobes to last a long time.

Several brands have started reducing their contribution to the environment by recognizing fast fashion as a major polluter. From sourcing materials to processing them, brands have started innovatively reducing dye usages, water waste, and other product life cycle issues.

Additionally, sustainable clothing is now highly affordable and easy to obtain. Eco-friendly wardrobes can help preserve the environment and promote environmentally-friendly businesses.

Our ideas will help you make a statement that will benefit both yourself and the earth if you choose to adopt the ethical clothing lifestyle. So, let’s dive right in and have a look at 5 most classy ethical clothing ideas for summer 2021:

1. Silhouette Dress

A timeless silhouette dress is the best investment you can make while you update your wardrobe. For a nighttime party, wear it with pearls and shoes during the day. Your go-to organic cotton dress that lasts for at least 30 wears or more. Dress up your outfit with a belt and boots, or a classic watch and choker necklace.

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2. Long Sleeve Cardigan

We all very well understand the class of a long sleeve cardigan. In any case, you will be comfortable and as well as stylish by wearing your cotton cardigan with any top that you wear. These looks great paired up with jeans, sneakers, and a high ponytail. With a cardigan, whether long or short, you can never go wrong. And when it's made of organic cotton, you achieve the long-term sustainability that you are looking for.


3. Half Sleeves Cotton Dress

For summers, a cotton half-sleeve dress with pockets or a belt is a classic. Pair it with sandals and a hat for a chic look. A handwoven handbag will also improve the overall vibe in your outfit, in addition to being very sustainable. It works just perfect for a bright sunny day and proves to be a favorite of all the girls. It gives you a minimalist look and enables you to wear comfort in style.


4. Long Peasant Skirt

Long peasant skirts make summers complete. Whether you wear them with a tank top or a loose shirt, your outfit stands out. Besides offering comfort, these skirts allow you to create a stylish outfit. A saddle bag or oversize accessory complements the look and also serves the purpose of sustainability. A skirt like this will serve as a versatile clothing idea and your imagination will come to life.

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5. Basic Tank Top

Every wardrobe should include a basic tank top paired with tights. The top looks great with jeans, skirts, or even shorts; the outfit is complete and never goes out of style. Keeping cool and comfortable this summer, refers to choosing items that will suit us in the long run, and for that, this outfit turns out to be prime.

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Wrapping Up

There has been a dramatic shift towards ethical clothing fashion as awareness about the damages the textile industry has been causing to the environment continues to grow. Consumers are questioning the price of products, the wages paid to workers, and their waste management, as well as the brand shifts to using less water, dyes, and other harmful chemicals in the product's lifecycle.

Despite not all cloth being eco-friendly, waste management and life cycles have been improved. You can also contribute to the betterment of the environment by giving your dresses away for reuse or recycling.

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