Pets AREN’T fashion accessories or toys!

13. June 2021 | by Becky Simmonds for Breed Advisor

Unfortunately, animals are still used in the fashion industry to create garments or as accessories - which started in the early 2000's. This was blamed on Paris Hilton, when she began carrying her small dog, a chihuahua named Tinkerbell.

Luckily, the design aspect has positively evolved over the years, with many brands like Stella McCartney using vegan materials such as cactus leather. Tragically, using animals - especially dogs, cats and rabbits - as accessories to make a fashion statement, in addition to buying pets in a haze consequently leads to dumping animals or even animal cruelty. New pet owners often feel overwhelmed with the amount of work and stress level which can come with a pet (something they don't take into consideration at the store/ breeder).

As pet owners and animal lovers, it’s unimaginable that anyone would want to hurt these sweet, furry creatures. Sadly, animal cruelty is incredibly common, and it happens everywhere—from urban areas to the most remote locations. No nation is no exception...

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