Sustainable style inspiration with blogger and influencer @sustainably_by_emy

SUSTAINABLE FASHION INFLUENCER sustainably_by_emy good fashion guide ECOLOOKBOOK

Sustainable fashion influencer, writer, stylist and producer, Emy is passionate about making the world a better place. Paris-based Emy is not only a successful blogger, she is also the founder of sustainable fashion label IPSILON PARIS and TheEco.Studio, a creative agency for ‘sustainable fashion believers’. Here, we go short, sweet and always sustainable with the … Read more

Period proof underwear

Period Underware MODIBODI UAE good fashion guide ECOLOOKBOOK

Is now the time to give period proof underwear a go? We love period proof knickers for being sustainable, reusable, leak-proof and beautifully feminine, totally replacing the need for the disposable sanitary products. photo: @modibodiuae Why not using pads and tampons? Because they are filling up landfill, blocking toilets and polluting our oceans. Women will use … Read more

Festive Conscious Lookbook


For lunching, lounging or partying, here’s ECOLOOKBOOK’s pick of festive outfits. All are made by ethical and sustainable fashion brands from around the world. And the outfits have longevity – each item is designed not specifically for the festive season, but to last, rewear and reuse in the new year and beyond. That’s definitely worth … Read more

Best Ethical and Sustainable Jewellery Brands this Christmas

Ethical Jewellery Cultured Diamonds Fine Jewellery LARK & BERRY London

‘Tis the season for gifting, hinting and maybe treating ourselves to a little festive sparkle. So why not share the love a little more? Ethical, Fair Trade, conflict free, responsibly sourced jewellery isn’t trending, it’s been around for a while and thankfully is here to stay.

Wear Your Boots Sustainable This Season


Some of our favourite sustainable and ethically made ankle boots for this Autumn 2019. All our brands produce their products under Fair Trade working conditions with vegan or eco-friendly materials. These really are boots that are kind to people and planet!

Eye opening documentaries that will change your relationship with fashion forever

Fashion documentaries to watch The True Cost Eco lookbook sustainable fashion eye opening

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries after electricity and heat, agriculture, road transportation, oil and gas production, and livestock. In addition, fashion also contributes to the emissions of all those industries. These documentaries about fashion will take us beyond the runways, boutiques, clothes rails and online fashion giants and bring us the true … Read more

FOLKDAYS – save this in your Favourites!

A Berlin based hand–made fair trade for fashion, accessories and interior from original source. Far from the fast fashion hype, Folkdays creates products that are likewise timeless and unique. In short: all-time favourites!