7 Sustainable Instagram Accounts to Inspire You While You Stay at Home

It's a tough, seemingly relentless news cycle. We stay connected for updates, while those same updates bring more hard-to-process information. And yet in the face of all this, we're seeing the positives of humanity coming together in mutual recognition and support; an increased demand for local production; reductions in CO2 emissions; a crafting renaissance. And the new realities of social distancing are encouraging some of us to rethink our lifestyle priorities... [1]

To change it up a little, provide some distraction, and feed your mind with uplifting content while you #stayhome, ECOLOOKBOOK has found seven sustainable Instagram accounts to follow that will inspire, make you feel good and possibly even bring a smile.

Whether you are looking for creative ideas to keep the kids entertained, new vegan recipes, home workouts, cool tips for a conscious lifestyle, 'why' sustainable fashion, or just some humour and happily distracting posts, these accounts are worth more than a quick peek. Happy browsing!


photo: @ecowarriorprincess

Eco Warrior Princess, the blog started in 2010 by Jennifer Nini, writer, activist and certified organic farm owner, publishes topics that matter to our planet, environmental and conservation issues, sustainable and ethical fashion, conscious business, social justice, feminism, eco beauty, wellness, and green tech. [2] Recent posts have stayed honest and refreshing, helping us to keep positive, informed and always entertained. You make us laugh Eco Warrior Princess | @ecowarriorprincess


photo: @liviafirth

Livia Firth is executive producer of 2015 documentary “The True Cost", co-founder of Eco-Age and one of the fashion industry’s most vocal and public advocates for sustainability. She’s driven by a cause that she truly believes in, and she’s on an ethical and sustainable fashion mission. We admire her (little bit of an enduring crush going on here) and she also makes us laugh with her informative and funny posts, videos, book recommendations and much more. We love you Livia! | @liviafirth


photo: @mrspress

Our original sustainable fashion crush, Clare Press is a bit of a legend. She is presenter of the WARDROBE CRISIS podcast (one of our favs, one listen and you'll be hooked), an author and public speaker. In 2018, she was named the first ever VOGUE Sustainability Editor - a pioneering role in international media, conceived of by Clare. She is also the Global Ambassador for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative, and is part of the Fashion Roundtable team in the UK. Clare has been a member of Australian advisory board of Fashion Revolution since 2014. She sits on Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Sustainability Advisory Board and is one of Global Fashion Agenda’s Content Experts. The list goes on! A passionate advocate for the circular economy and sustainable, ethical fashion, she is the industry’s go-to journalist on the subject globally and apart from all that, her Instagram stories are well worth a follow![4] | @mrspress


photo: @maxlamanna

Max La Manna is a zero waste chef, award-winning author and environmental activist who wants to turn the tide on food waste and breathe new energy into the leftovers and food scraps that are typically destined for landfill. Max’s squares and stories will encourage you to have more awareness around the food we put on our plate, where it comes from and what happens when we waste it.[5] Plus his recipes aren't bad... Yum! | @maxlamanna


photo: @zannavandijk

Zanna van Dijk, a British lifestyle and fitness blogger wants to inspire and empower you with knowledge on fitness, health and vegan nutrition. She is also co-founder of super cool sustainable swimwear brand Stay Wild Swim. Her passion for conscious living for improved personal and planetary health will almost certainly have you feeling motivated. In the last couple of days we have loved following her fitness instructions while #stayingathome. Thank you  Zanna! | @zannavandijk


photo: @zerohomewaste

"The mother of the zero waste lifestyle movement", "The priestess of waste-free living", "Marie Kondo for zero waste homes", Bea Johnson started a global movement with her Zero Waste Home blog and book debunking the misconceptions that "waste-free living is depriving, time consuming, costly, or simply reserved for hermits living in the boondocks". Browsing her feed can keep you busy for hours and will definitely get you thinking! | @zerowastehome


photo: @courtneyadamo

Courtney Adamo, co-founder of baby brand @babyccinokids and founder of parenting e-course @intheloop.nurture, gives us a window into the family of seven's Byron Bay life on her popular Instagram feed. Setting aside the impossibly spotless house and well-behaved brood, the photography is beautiful and you will be inspired with eco tips, games and crafts for keeping your children busy, how to set up a simple, stylish home for a busy family life, and how to dress sustainable (in a terracotta linen kinda way). | @courtneyadamo


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