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We proudly present House of Dagmar’s New Summer Capsule. The capsule is made up of laid back linen suits, trenches, ribbed summer dresses and  this season includes the addition of eyewear.

Winners of the first Zalando Sustainability Award at Copenhagen fashion week due to a continued commitment to producing fashionable, high-quality, and low-impact products stood out from the competition. Dagmar’s collections are rooted in sustainability and luxury, proving you really can have it all. Sustainability isn’t a trend for House of Dagmar, it is pivotal and rooted in every decision they make, meaning their products will stay with you for many years to come.



YY Nation, a new sustainable shoe brand is launching with its eco-friendly Legacy Footwear Collection, which includes the Nimbo shoe, made from bamboo and algae. Following three years of intensive research and development, YY Nation’s Nimbo shoe has the industry’s smallest carbon footprint - three times fewer carbon emissions than conventional sneakers.  The brand adds that its shoes are Zero Carbon Certified and are expected to be carbon negative in 2022. The carbon footprint of all YY Nation shoes have been independently double certified by thinkstep-anz and Ekos.    “We are on a journey to make the world’s most sustainable shoes,” says YY Nation founding director Jeremy Bank. “While we’re off to a good start, good is not enough.  It feels great to be making a difference, we just want to keep doing better. With today’s launch, YY Nation is committing to a carbon-negative future that combines rigorous sustainability standards with incredible design and comfort.”

You are looking for the perfect new shoes that are comfortable, fashionable and sustainable. Then you've come to the right place.
To help you navigate the many options of sustainable shoe brands and know which ones are sustainable, we've gathered a list of shoe brands that are vegan, eco-friendly, but yet super trendy. From sneakers, sandals, high heels up to boots, there's something for everyone. You can feel comfortable in these shoes and be sure that you are not harming the environment. Step by step to the perfect shoe, consider this your guide to finding the next pair of shoes you'll live in day in and day out.


Mother's Day is coming soon and and you are still looking for a gift? So treat your mum with a special piece of jewellery that carries a heartfelt message. We recommend jewellery labels that make their jewellery from recycled or sustainably sourced precious metals and lab-created or recycled diamonds. In addition, these labels also take special care to ensure that the entire production process takes place under humane conditions and that all workers and artisans are paid fairly. Discover our best selection of ethical jewellery (something sentimental) that captures what's in your heart and make your mum happy with an exceptional gift for the Mother's Day!


A new high street jewellery brand - WITH LOVE DARLING. Whether you're a lover of dainty jewels and delicate chains, or chunky gold hoops and statement pieces, with jewellery from WITH LOVE DARLING you can express yourself! The label also support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have been names Marie Claire High Street Jewellery Brand of the Year.


ARMEDANGELS are rethinking a broken system and fighting against the use of un-necessary chemicals. No hazardous fertilizers. No synthetic pesticides. No toxic bleach. The greatest innovation your ass has ever worn. Conventional denim is one of the fashion industry’s dirtiest traditions. We’re talking water-wasting, soil-degrading, river-poisoning, CO2-pumping environmental killer that’s weighing heaviest on the backs of poor communities across the globe.


Summer is coming, and you're looking for new makeup or tanning oil that makes your skin glow and is also sustainable. Then this is exactly the right place for you.
Finding sustainable cosmetic brands can be quite a challenge. To help you navigate the many cosmetic brands and to know which ones are sustainable, we've created a list of cosmetic brands that are all vegan and won't harm the environment or your body. From makeup and nail polish to tanning and body oils that are made in a fair and eco-friendly way, there's something for every skin type - consider this as an Inspiration for healthy skincare and natural beauty.


Sustainability in the furnishing industry is just as much in demand as in the fashion industry and many other sectors. However, it is not only about aesthetics and design, but also about protecting our environment and ourselves. Some furniture can pollute the air in our flats and houses and damage our health in the process. The use of raw materials such as wood damages the ecosystem and robs the habitat of many animal species. Furthermore, environmentally friendly furniture not only creates a harmonious home, but its production benefits both the people who make it and our environment itself. There are a number of factors such as materials, production, transport methods and durability that need to be taken into account before a piece of furniture can be called sustainable.



Finding the perfect pair of jeans that not only has the right fit but also doesn't harm our planet can be quite a challenge. To help you navigate the overwhelming options of sustainable denim brands out there, we've created a list of fashion denim brands stocking the best styles of the moment. From 100 percent sustainable premium cotton, produced fairly and eco-friendly, to the most flattering cut for your body type to rising denim brands you may not have heard of yet, consider this your guide to finding the next pair of jeans you will live in day in and day out.



Finding the perfect lipstick that lasts, makes our lips glow and is sustainable is not always easy. For a #HotGirlSummer, it's important that your lips feel smooth and nourished even after several hours of wear.

Here at ECOLOOKBOOK we present 3 lipsticks that are perfect for a Hot Girl Summer. All lipsticks are vegan, feel great on our lips and are perfect for summer.


All items are 100% Merino wool sourced from regenerative New Zealand farms. Knitted using solar-powered, zero-waste machines in a seamless design. Includes a removable NFC tag to trace the garment’s origins to the farm it came from. Plus, it updates you on your very own sheep!


Why should you choose a sustainable fashion brand? Sustainable and fair fashion brands minimise their impact on our environment, their employees, our wildlife and at the same time produce the most beautiful clothes. At ECOLOOKBOOK you will find a long list of exciting, fair and sustainable German fashion labels that produce stylish accessories, clothing, jeans, sportswear, underwear, winter jackets and swimwear. Feel good with sustainable, ecological, local and fair traded fashion and slow fashion. Choose well. Feel good. Never compromise. Wear your values.



ECOLOOKBOOK proudly presents sustainable knitwear brand BEE & SONS, founded by the former Marketing Director of Harvey Nichols Deborah Bee.. Based in the middle of a field in Somerset, the knitwear brand is creating cardigans and sweaters with cool, relaxed silhouettes and ballooning sleeves in clashing pink, purple shades and many more colours.


Sustainable and ethically made accessories.
Shop sustainable accessories. Eco-friendly, ethical and cruelty-free! Sustainable looks. Shop bags, sunglasses, hats and more that love our planet, people and animals.



Arab and Middle Eastern fashion labels have been emerged to fame for decades now. They have transformed the face of haute couture and reached millions of celebrities and fashion icons around the world.



We love a white sneaker and we're not about to compromise our values for our sneakers. So for ECOLOOKBOOK's guide to the best ethically made, sustainable white sneakers for this summer and beyond look no further. Our top 10 brands not only produce totally cool shoes and accessories, in the words of Allbirds, they are 'comfortable sustainable shoes that tread lightly on the planet'. They are also kind to animals and to the people involved in making them for us to wear! #wearyourvalues



How would we get through heat, physical activity and all the stress life brings, without preventing or masking our body odour? Unfortunately, there’s been some controversy over conventional deodorants and antiperspirants we use, from possible health risks, skin irritation and making our body do things that just isn't natural.



It's always summer somewhere! Shop sustainable and stylish swimwear from the best labels around the world. Eco-friendly, ethical and cruelty-free! Get the new and cool beach looks.

Animal Rights

Unfortunately, animals are still used in the fashion industry to create garments or as accessories - which started in the early 2000's. This was blamed on Paris Hilton, when she began carrying her small dog, a chihuahua named Tinkerbell.

photo: @fenoel


Black-owned, fair and beautiful fashion brands taking the global fashion world by storm with ready to wear, accessories, footwear and jewellery collection inspired by the designers' roots. ECOLOOKBOOK has found you some of the coolest ethically made and sustainable fashion brands created by people of colour we all should know and follow.


Animal Rights

The fur industry, an unnecessary industry

Every year, billions of animals suffer and die for clothing and accessories. Skin is used to make leather, birds' feathers are ripped out of their skin and many other animals are caged for life before being killed for their fur. Sheep and goats are often mistreated cruelly by workers shearing them for their wool or for cashmere and mohair.

by Sahel Nagem, Clotilde Maillard and Carlo Hennecke, students of the Digital Career Institute, Hamburg

What are the side effects of the Coronavirus on ocean's plastic pollution? As it may seem familiar, the COVID-19 pandemic has had temporary positive effects on air pollution.

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